Zihuatanejo Receives Needed Medical Equipment from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada – Thank You!

The joy in the room was overwhelming. “The entire community is happy!” said Fabiloa Olea Mendoza, director of DIF Zihuatanejo, the local social services organization, as she greeted guests to the official reception of medical equipment that was donated by the community of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

On July 22, 2014, government officials, health care providers, community leaders, and residents met at the Zihuatanejo Municipal Auditorium to witness the distribution of this much-needed medical equipment to the various hospitals and service agencies throughout the community. The community gathered to say, “Thank you.”

Mayor Eric Fernandez at Medical Equipment Reception

Mayor Eric Fernández of Zihuatanejo officiated at the reception of medical equipment donated by the community of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Audience at Medical Equipment Reception

An entire transport container of medical equipment and supplies was sent from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, by truck to Toronto; then by train to Montreal, Quebec; then via ship through the St. Lawrence Seaway to Los Cardenas, Mexico; and then arrived by truck to Zihuatanejo. The equipment was unpacked by the DIF team, inventoried, sorted, and then distributed to various community organizations, according to their needs.Medical container received

The medical equipment traveled by truck, train and ship from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, to Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico. It was distributed to many community health organizations according to their needs.

Medical equipment distributed

This gift represents much more than a donation of equipment; it is the culmination of hours and hours of volunteer work. It is a gift of many people’s time, money, and efforts.

The task of collecting and shipping the medical equipment to Zihuatanejo was unbelievable! The project began almost two years ago in 2012, when tourists from Thunder Bay visited Zihuatanejo’s hospitals and saw their needs. The project involved taking inventories, photographs, and collecting and storing the donated medical equipment. Volunteers made translations and completed multiple custom forms. Almost $11,000 USD had to be raised for shipping costs. Volunteers in Canada and the USA held yard sales, sold vintage doll clothes, hosted bake sales, and conducted a variety of activities to raise the needed money. And, volunteers “sweat” to pack and unpack the container.

This medical equipment project is the result of an amazing international team effort with volunteers and officials from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. We congratulate all for the completion of this amazing humanitarian endeavor.

How do you say “Thank you” for such a wonderful gift of human kindness and endeavors? Look at the expression on the face of this woman who received a wheel chair for a family member. It says it all.

Expression of Gratitude

Thank you to the many volunteers and organizations in Canada, the USA and Mexico, that made this possible. If we have omitted anyone, it is by error. Please know that each is appreciated.


  • St. Joseph’s Care Group
  • Medical Equipment, Modernization, Opportunity Organization (MEMO)
  • Cheryl and Glenn Berst
  • Shaun Berst
  • Tyler Berst
  • Kayla Berst
  • Geraldine Cullingham
  • Deanna Black
  • Dr. T.J. Harvey
  • Dave Marsh
  • Peter Burkhardt
  • Al Cheetham
  • Gary Cooper
  • Michelle Humphrey
  • Matthew Humphrey
  • Michael Humphrey
  • Justin Uliana
  • Liam Hopkins-Beaupre
  • Jim Cameron
  • Ashley Olsen
  • Chris Dufault
  • Bryce Covello
  • Aiden Zieroth
  • Scott Antonen
  • Ariel Antonen
  • John Antonen
  • Sandra Olsen
  • Steven Olsen
  • Matthew Schoales



  • Helen Walsh
  • Maryellen Jackson
  • Jane Fiala
  • Sharon Stanley
  • Gary and Trish Suess
  • Margaret Reid
  • Hanneke Corbet
  • Carol and Don Markowsky
  • Patti Stevens
  • Lief and Lois Lindblom
  • Deanna Black
  • Jori and Steven Curry
  • Lois Keeth
  • Helen Spurgin
  • Christopher Strong
  • Sally Jones
  • Rochelle Sparrow
  • Bill & Joyce Williams
  • John McParland
  • Shaun Baldwin
  • Janet Magnussen
  • Tim and Dorothy Ellis
  • Attorney Omar Rodriquez
  • Bertha Solano
  • Anahi Toledo
  • Doctors  Monica Ortega and Cynthia Beltran


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