Zihuatanejo Pier Has a New Image!

Look at our pier! We’ve got a brand new sign that is creating a big sensation among the people. Thanks to the collective actions of local architect Andres Saavedra, the College of Architects, businesses, hotels, and local authorities, the new Zihua sign went up this month. WOW!

Zihua Enfoque 1

Photo by: Zihua Enfoque

Andres Saavedra1

Photo by: Andres Saavedra

Boats take off from the pier going to and from Las Gatas Beach for lunch and swimming. But now, the pier has become a fun gathering spot for everyone to enjoy.

Zihua Enfoque 4

Photo by: Zihua Enfoque

Jose Maira Cortes

Photo by: Jose Maria Cortes

Take a look at the action!

De día y de noche, siempre se podrán llevar un recuerdo de Zihuatanejo

Posted by Andy Saavedra on Wednesday, December 23, 2015


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