Zihuatanejo Honors Vicente Guerrero – Mexico’s Man of Peace and Dignity for All!

By: Patricia Ann Talley, Editor.

This year, the Norwegian Nobel Committee, based in Oslo Norway will present the Nobel Peace Prize to United States President Barack Hussain Obama for the second time. He is being honored for his diplomacy in the Middle East. In Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, residents and visitors used the occasion of the International Day of Peace to honor former President Vicente Guerrero – Mexico’s man of peace!  Vicente Guerrero - black

Vicente Guerrero (1782 – 1831) was a general in Mexico’s war of independence; he helped write the Constitution; and served as president from 1829 – 1831.

Celebrated as one of Mexico’s most important national heroes, Vicente Guerrero played a significant military role in the independence of the new nation. He also helped to organize a group of Haitians in Cuba that would aid in an uprising against the Spaniards on that island. But, Guerrero’s most poignant accomplishment was the abolition of human slavery in Mexico during his presidential administration. In fact, Mexico was the first country in North America to abolish slavery in 1829 – four years before Canada, and 36 years before the United States!

And many people in the world, even within Mexico, do not know that this great man in history and president of his nation was of African descent – the first black president in North America! (Not USA President Obama!)

The ceremony to honor President Vicente Guerrero was on Saturday, September 19 at Eco-Tianguis market that is held every week along the beachfront in central Zihuatanejo. The setting is perfect – right next to Vicente Guerrero Elementary School (the oldest in Zihuatanejo), and across from our Peace Monument.

Eco 6

Eco-Tianguis beachfront market event is held every Saturday in Zihuatanejo from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., and includes organic food, art, and entertainment.

Ecotianguis setting

The market is next to Vicente Guerrero Elementary School and across from Zihuatanejo’s Peace Monument.

Gabriela Trejo, Director of Eco-Tianguis, delivered the tribute that including reading the Guerrero Decree that freed all people in Mexico. The crowd shouted in tribute to President Guerrero – Viva Mexico!


Guerrero Decree

Then, in typical Zihuatanejo, GUERRERO style – we had a fiesta! A PEACE FEAST! Everyone laughed, danced, hugged, and enjoyed the friendship and peace!

Traditional Mexican folklore dancers performed.

Look at this traditional wedding dance.

For 2015, the theme for the International Day of Peace is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All!” This is a perfect occasion to honor our hero of peace – President Vicente Guerrero of Mexico!

Vicente Guerrero Day

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