Women in the Kitchens of Mexico: Ceci Santos, Owner of Ceci Deli

By: Patricia Ann Talley, Editor.

Tourists and residents enjoy her vegan food at Eco Tianguis Organic Market, every Saturday morning across from the museum in Zihuatanejo. Ceci Santos may not have been trained as a professional chef, but she is known throughout the town as one of our special culinary personalities.


Ceci Santos, owner of Ceci Deli, serves vegan meals at Eco Tianguis Organic Market every Saturday morning. The event is located in Zihuatanejo across from the museum.

Ceci is originally from the Costa Chica region of Guerrero where there is a large population of Afromexicans. She started working in Zihuatanejo as a waitress in a resort hotel, then branched out to start her own catering business. Besides serving meals at Eco Tianguis, Ceci and her assistants can cater up to 1,000 people. And, she is also the wife and assistant to Chef Paco Isadora, the owner of Milo’s Restaurant in Zihuatanejo. She’s a wife, mother, community worker, and businesswoman.

Ceci invited me to her home to “COOK.” She said, “Bring your traditional southern (USA) spices. Let’s experiment. Then, we can have lunch.” When I arrived at her home, I was speechless (rare for me!). Talk about a KITCHEN TO DIE FOR! OMG!

Ceci’s kitchen is on the rooftop of her home, overlooking the Zihuatanejo Bay. She has an area dedicated to growing her own herbs, a stainless steel kitchen, every appliance you can imagine, refrigerators, pots and pans, and a helper to wash the dishes! Absolute heaven!


Ceci has a roof-top kitchen overlooking the Zihuatanejo Bay.




Pots and pans!!!


And, a helper to wash the dishes! (Most people in Mexico wash dishes by hand.)


“Let’s experiment!”

“Let’s experiment!” Ceci tried making my southern-style sausage using my spices, but substituting the pork meat with a soy bean mixture. It was really good! Now, I would have served it with some grits and cheese eggs, but vegan chef Ceci served it with a healthy salad.


Southern-style sausage made with a soy bean mixture.


Ceci (second from right), me (center), and Ceci’s family from Costa Chica.

Thank you, Chef Ceci! We can’t wait to taste what you invent next!

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