Which Country has the Best Food in the World?

Which country has the best food in the world? Travel Report recently announced the 2017 winner. Travel Report is a Spanish-language tourist program offered on radio and social networks. It offers a humorous tour of Mexico and the world with travel tips, news, blogs, gadgets, social media, and much more for tourism and travel.

Which country won? There were 11 entrants – only 1 winner. Can you guess which country?

#11         Peru

#10         USA

#  9         Thailand

#  8         Greece

#  7         China

#  6         Japan

#  5         India

#  4         Spain

#  3         France

#  2         Italy

#  1 – The country with the best food in the world is MEXICO!

Look at the Travel Report video announcing the winner!

Los países con la mejor comida del mundo

11 candidatos, 1 ganador. ¿Cuál será el país con la mejor comida?

Posted by Travel Report on Friday, July 7, 2017

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