Welcome to La Mexicana Restaurant – But Watch Out for the Guard Turkey!

Have you ever seen a “guard turkey?” Well, check out La Mexican Restaurant in Troncones Beach. It’s a favorite eating place for locals and visitors, serving traditional Mexican dishes, drinks, and beverages. Isabel, the bi-lingual hostess and owner, is there to greet and service you. And, there’s “Cunde” – the family turkey and property guard!

“Cunde” – the family’s guard turkey keeps watch over the property!

La Mexican is located on the beach road in Troncones across from Casa Ki Bed & Breakfast. The restaurant also has a wonderful display of art and crafts, and sells handbags and souvenirs.

Everything at La Mexicana is made the traditional way and cooked on outdoor stoves.

“Cunde” is there to oversee the whole process.

Good food, service, and lots of fun!

Long-time local, Isabel Fortune has lunch with friends at La Mexicana in Troncones.

Does anyone need anything else? “Cunde” checks to make sure that everyone is happy!

You will be fine sitting in the restaurant, walking through the kitchen, going to the bathroom, or looking at the crafts. BUT, get one thing straight! DO NOT wander off into the backyard of the property near “Cunde’s” cage, food or his “chicks.” Got it!

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