The Village Caller Music Show: The Song Stylings of Gloria Lynne

This program will highlight a few of my favorite songs by Gloria Lynne. Gloria did not receive as much fame as some of her contemporaries who were born in the 1930’s. This, in part, was due to an early contract dispute with her record company that kept her out of the main stream while other female jazz vocalists like Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, and Carmen McCrea and many others faired much better. Gloria never received the royalties on her recordings and had to earn her living with personal appearances. Greatness can’t be denied and she proved in a way that only she could. Her timing and tone was “right there” and once you heard her, you couldn’t forget her melodious voice. I hope you enjoy the selections I have chosen. Contact me on my face book page and let me know your opinion Village Caller Music Program on

Gloria Lynne: I’m Glad There Is You

Gloria Lynne: The Folks Who Live On The Hill

Gloria Lynne and Marty Paeich: I Wish You Love

Gloria Lynne: Through A Long And Sleepless Night

Gloria Lynne: Song: Whispering Trees

Gloria Lynne: Wild As The Wind

I hope you enjoyed the show.

Your Host, Bill Tucker






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