The Village Caller Music Show : The Music Of Christmas

The music you listen to at Christmas often reflects your emotions, and of course, Christmas is the season that brings out the joy or sadness of your emotions the most. Whether you are happy or sad, I believe that Christmas music should sooth the spirit — after all, it is a religious holiday.

Every artist makes a Christmas album and many of them have become classics, but there is one album, in my opinion, that combines the right amount of soothing spirituality and satisfies me musically. That album was recorded back in the 60’s by Vince Gualraldi, live at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. I don’t think the album was meant as a Christmas album, but when you combined that album with Gualraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas, you can here the symmetry and feel the spirit of Christmas.

Album: Vince Guaraldi at Grace Temple, Lord Have Mercy Upon Us, Theme To Grace

Album: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal)

Album: Barbara Streisand, A Christmas Album, My Favorite Things

Album: A Christmas Album, The Best Gift

Album: Happy Holidays To You, The Whispers

I hope you enjoyed the show. Have a Merry Christmas.

Your host, Bill Tucker



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