The Village Caller Music Show: Smooth Jazz Male Vocalist

This program will highlight a few of my favorite smooth jazz vocalist. Bordering somewhere between popular music and jazz, smooth jazz took off in the early eighties and was meant to be jazzy, but avoid the hard jazz style. This created a greater audience and made it possible for a lot of musicians and singers to cross over to a growing market. A good example of this would be Kenny G., a good technician, but he didn’t have the “chops” for straight ahead jazz.  He found the perfect market and success with smooth jazz.  Groups like Steely Dan and singers like Michael McDonald increased their popularity with this new format.  Listen!  And remember, you can listen to past shows by clicking the archives section.

Artist: Michael Franks

Song: Down in Old Brazil

Song: The Lady Wants To Know

Song: Egg Plant

Artist: Kenny Rankin

Song: Grovin’ On A Sunday Afternoon

Song: House Of Gold

Song: When Sunny Gets Blue

Artist: Bobby Scott

Song:  If Ever I Would Leave You

Hope you enjoyed the program.

Your Host, Bill Tucker


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