The Village Caller Music Show: Latin Songs, Singers and Jazz

We received a great response to the Village Caller Music Show! Join me as we explore the global village of music. I’ll be your host, Bill Tucker as we travel from the old to the new in the world of music. We will listen to, read about, and see on video some of the world’s greatest artist of different genres. We will talk about their lives and contributions to the world of music while listening to some great music. You can listen to past shows whenever you like because each program is archived in our Music section.  Go to our Facebook page to submit comments or questions.

This program will highlight Spanish songs with jazz interpretations. What was the first song that you heard in another language that captured you?  My uncle, who was a jazz enthusiast, introduced me to Nat King Cole at an early age. When I first heard Nat King Cole sing “Perfidia,” I was captured by the music and felt that I understood the words even though they were in Spanish. The song was written in the 1930s by Alberto Dominguez Borras, a Mexican, and became a classic. My appreciation for this collaboration of Spanish and jazz continued from there.

Singer: Nat King Cole

Song: Perfidia…..the loose Spanish translation for this song is faithless, treacherous or false. It was written by Alberto Dominquez (1911-1975), who was Mexican.

Album: Bolero Jazz,  Singer: Renee Barrios

Song: Tu, Mi Delirio

Album: Joe Cuba Sextette Latin Gold, Singer: Cheo Faliciano

Song: Como Rien

Album: Embraceable You  Singer: Venissa Santi

Song: Embraceable You

Album: Magos Herrera Jazz

Song: Tu Mi Delrio

Album: Bridges by Milton Nascimento

Song: Bridges

I hope you enjoyed the show.

Your host,

Bill Tucker, Publisher




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