The Village Caller Music Show: Latin Female Vocalists Expand World Boundaries

Join the Village Caller Music Show to explore the global village of music. I’m your host, Bill Tucker. We will travel from the old to the new in the world of music. We will listen to, read about, and see videos on some of the world’s greatest musical artists of different genres. We will talk about their lives and contributions to the world of music, while listening to some great music.

This month, we are featuring Latin Female Vocalists. These artists are expanding the variety of “Latin Music,” with their contributions from Spain, Mexico, Peru and Brazil. Click on the videos to enjoy this musical experience!

Singer Sarah Aroeste from Spain performs “Ladino Music,” a style created by Sephardic Jews of the Iberian Peninsula.  Listen to “Gracia”from the album”Gracia.”

Céu from Brazil performs “Baile de Ilusao” from the album, “Caravana Sereia Bloom.”

Bebel Gilberto from Brazil entertains with her album, “Chill Out Sessions 8,” and the song, “Samba da Bencao.”

Susana Baca is from Peru.  Listen to her album, “Tu mirada y mi voz.”

I hope you enjoyed the show.

By: Bill Tucker, Host and Publisher





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