The Village Caller Music Show: Keith Jarrett, A Musical Wonder

Keith Jarrett was born May 8, 1945 in Pennsylvania and is one of America’s greatest pianists and composers. He possessed absolute pitch, and he displayed prodigious musical talents as a young child. He began piano lessons just before his third birthday, and at age five he appeared on a TV talent program hosted by the swing bandleader Paul Whiteman. The young Jarrett gave his first formal piano recital at the age of seven, playing works by composers including Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Saint-Saëns, and ending with two of his own compositions. Encouraged especially by his mother, Jarrett took intensive classical piano lessons with a series of teachers, including Eleanor Sokoloff of the Curtis Institute. During his career, Keith played with all the greats such as Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Charles Lloyd and many others.

In 1973, Jarrett began playing totally improvised solo concerts, and it is the popularity of these voluminous concert recordings that has made him one of the best-selling jazz artists in history. Albums released from these concerts include; the 1973 album Solo Concerts: Bremen/Lausanne which Time Magazine gave its ‘Jazz Album of the Year’ award. The Köln Concert (1975) which became the best-selling piano recording in history and the Sun Bear Concerts (1976) – a 10-LP (and later 6-CD) Box Set solidified Keith as one of the greatest musicians and composers

Keith Jarrett: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Keith Jarrett Trio: On Green Dolphin Street with Jack Dejohnette (drums), Gary Peacock (bass)

Keith Jarrett: I Loves You Porgy

Keith Jarrett: The KoIn Concert, Part 1

I hope you enjoyed the show.

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