The Village Caller Music Show: Inspirational Music

Buddha-Bar-VMusic has a wonderful way of being the medium to set the tone for whatever mood you need. If you have the blues and want to linger in your heart break, or if it’s party time and you want to rock, the music sets the tone. At those times when I simply want to float away into an afternoon in a hammock or feel some kind of spiritual connection to things around me on a rainy morning, this is some of the music I listen to – John Coltrane’s song to God in his inspirational “A Love Supreme,” or Pharaoh Sanders’ mystical tributes into the spiritual.  They sooth my spirit and bring me peace. It could be music from India, Japan or Africa – it does not matter from where or what genre is used, if the music moves or inspires, I listen, enjoy and relax my spirit.

Album: Let Us go Into the House Of the Lord by Pharoah Sanders

Album: Jai Uttal..Buhda Bar Vol.1

John Coltrane: A Love Supreme: Acknowledgement

Album: Acknowledgement by Doug and Jean Carne

Pharoah Sanders: Astral Traveling

I hope you enjoyed the show.  Peace!

Bill TuckerYour host, Bill Tucker – The Village Caller



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