The Village Caller Music Show: Great Rock Songs of the Sixties and Seventies

Young RascalsThere was a renaissance of music in the late sixties and seventies. Jazz was merging into rock, and rock was merging into jazz and blues, and there were the protest music that seemed to capture the American heart beat tired of a protracted war in Vietnam. The war and the civil rights movement was a magnet that drew musicians from all around the world that would not normally be in the same venue to share their music of peace, love and protest. Don’t forget the British invasion that acted like a catalyst to an already brewing American stew of cross cultural music. The songs I have selected for this show are based in part on the length of the song. This music is great but you may not have heard them, depending on where you lived in the United States or Canada. If you had a FM station with a long play format and you are over sixty, you might remember some of these old songs.

This is only a small sample of the great music and musicians that sprang to life in the fertile soil of the sixties and seventies. All genres of music were affected by the events of the world and for this reason I believe we had a real renaissance of music; it crossed the color line, the border line, and the Atlantic to bring the difference and oneness of music to the world for the first time.

Album: Do What You Like

Group: Blind Faith

Song: Do What You Like

Album: Quicksilver Messenger Service

Song: What About Me

Album: Solid

Group: Mandrill

Song: Silk

Album: Low sparks of High Boys

Group: Traffic

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