The Tigers of Guerrero

Tigers in Mexico? The tiger is a symbol of the state of Guerrero and is a part of its history and tradition. The Guerrero tiger is actually an ocelot, a wild cat that is native to Mexico, South America and the southwestern United States. The ocelot is a medium-sized spotted cat that is part of the leopard family. It looks similar to a bobcat.

The History

The Aztec god Tepeyollotl was depicted as a jaguar. He was the god of earthquakes, echoes, and jaguars. Tepeyollotl fertilized the earth, made the rain and produced abundance.

The Guerrero tiger is featured in local artwork and crafts.

The Tradition: “Tigrada de Guerrero”

The “Tigrada de Guerrero” is a carnival that originated in Chiapas, Guerrero that happens during the summer of every year. The women in the town make costumes for the men to dress as tigers and jaguars. They personify the deity of Tepeyollotl. The men and women parade through the city in hope to bring the blessing of fertile land, rain, and abundance.

Enjoy this video of the history and tradition of the “Tigers” of Guerrero!

La Tigrada de Chilapa

Una tradición que cada año llena de color las calles de Guerrero.

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