The State of Guerrero is Full of Rich History, Culture and Ethnic Diversity

The state of Guerrero, Mexico, in which Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is located, is full of rich history, culture, and ethnic diversity. Many other North Americans (yes, Mexico is in North America) are still somewhat unfamiliar with their neighbor Mexico, mainly due to language barriers.

Mexico, officially called the United States of Mexico, is a federal republic, located south of the United States and north of Guatemala and Belize. The country is also bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico is the fifth largest country by area in the America’s and the 14th largest in the world. Mexico has a population of approximately 122 million people. Its capital and largest city is Mexico City, the largest city in North America. Mexico is divided into 32 federal entities, of which 31 are states and one is a federal district.

State of Guerrero

The State of Guerrero, named after President Vicente Guerrero, the nation’s second president, is located on the Pacific Coast and is bordered by the State of Michoacán on the north, the state of Oaxaca on the south, and the states of Mexico, Morelos, and Puebla on the east. Guerrero has a population of about 3 million and its state capital is Chilpancingo de Los Bravo. Guerrero has seven (7) regions (like counties or providences): Tierra Caliente, North, Central, Mountain, Costa Grande (in which Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is located), Costa Chica, and Acapulco.

Regions 2

There are a variety of different races and ethnic groups living in the state of Guerrero with cultural and linguistic expressions that have given the area a very special image. There are approximately 600,000 indigenous people living in Guerrero, about 20% of the total population of the state. There are more than 20 different native languages spoken by its inhabitants, but the principal one spoken is Náhuatl. Guerrero is also noted for its population of Afromexicans, who are concentrated in the Costa Chica Region of the state.


The “Danza de Los Diablos” is a fusion of Mexican and African cultures that is performed in the Costa Chica region of Guerrero.

Guerrero has three main tourists’ destinations, Acapulco, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, and Taxco. In addition to tourism, the state is a main producer of mangoes, coconuts, papaya, fishing, and other agricultural products.

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Enjoy discovering the State of Guerrero! For now, enjoy our cultural entertainment.

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