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Plastic on our beaches! The beaches in Guerrero, Mexico, and others on our continent are under a “man-made attack” from plastic bottles! On the average, people in North America – Canada, the USA, and Mexico -- use 2.5 million bottles of plastic every hour. If this rate continues, by 2050...
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Mexican Recipes
“Caldo de Piedra” - Stone Soup is a traditional dish dating back to pre-Hispanic times in Mexico. It’s a regional dish, originating in the area that is now known as the state of Oaxaca. Caldo de Piedra is famous worldwide for its exotic preparation – it is a fish soup cooked...
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Special Events
We’re winding up our rainy season during the month of October. The tropical summer rains refresh the vegetation and wildlife. Just breathing the fresh air is a thrill! It’s a time when many artists paint, writers write, and people focus on self-reflection. Join in the activities for this month.

Local Events

Saturday, October 7,...
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The state of Guerrero, Mexico, in which Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is located, is called “una cajita” – a “little box” full of rich history, culture and ethnic diversity. There are a variety of different races and ethnic groups living in the state with cultural and linguistic expressions that have given the...
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