Special Events in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico for August 2015

Every Saturday Morning, 9 am – 1 pm, ECO-TIANGUIS FARMER’S MARKET on the main beach in Zihuatanejo:  Come out and mingle with the local community every Saturday morning.  Local vendors have organic foods, crafts, music, art and more!

Eco Tianguis

Thursday, August 6 and Sunday, August 9, REMEMBERING HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI ON THE 70th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ATOMIC BOMB: Let us never forget! Join a live Global Webcast and Web Conference with guest speakers from around the world. The broadcast will be live from Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park on August 6. Register now to gain access to this live event: http://worldpeace.org/activities_teleconference.php.

May Peace be in Hiroshima – May Peace be in Nagasaki – May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Japan Event

Thursday, August 6, 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT ALLOWING AFRICAN-AMERICANS TO VOTE: The United States gained its independence from England in 1776, but human rights were not received by all Americans at that time. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and many other founders of the United States were in the business of slavery. Slavery continued in the country long after its independence, until 1865 (13th Amendment), following the Civil War. African Americans were given citizenship in 1868 (14th Amendment), and Black men gained the right to vote in 1870 (15th Amendment), although this right was often denied until the Voting Rights Act of 1964. American women received the right to vote in 1919 (19th Amendment), but again, this right was often denied to women of color. The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 gave Native Americans that right, but many states overtly did not allow Native Americans to vote until 1962. The Voting Rights Act of 1964 gave ALL Americans the right to vote.

Dr. Martin Luther King photo

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a champion of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States to gain freedom and equality for all Americans. 

Continuing through Saturday, August 8, PARAISO DE NIÑOS: This summer, kids visiting Ixtapa Zihuatanejo can participate in a variety of fun activities including contests, art lessons, music concerts, theatre, clown shows, films and dance. Click on the photo below to enlarge the calendar of daily activities, or obtain one at the Concierge desk in local hotels or call the Conventions & Visitors Bureau, direct dial from USA or Canada: 011+52+75+553-1270.

Paradiso de ninos august 2015

Paradiso de ninos august 4- 2015

Sunday, August 9, INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE WORLD’S INDIGENOUS PEOPLES:  In 1994, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed this date to be celebrated every year. The theme for 2015 is, “Post 2015 Agenda: Ensuring indigenous peoples’ health and well-being” puts a spotlight on the issue of indigenous peoples’ access to health care services, as improving indigenous peoples’ health remains a critical challenge for indigenous peoples.

There are approximately 600,000 indigenous people living in Guerrero, about 20% of the total population of the state. There are more than 20 different native languages spoken by its inhabitants, but the principal one spoken is Náhuatl.  Many Mexicans of African descent, which are included in the indigenous population count, live in the Costa Chica Region of the state. For more information, see: The State of Guerrero is Full of Rich History, Culture and Ethnic Diversity.

Indigenous People Zihuatanejo - Tania Scales

Photo by: Tania Scales, Zihuatanejo

Wednesday, August 12, INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY:  It is important to recognize the positive contributions that young people make to the societies of the world. They enrich the social and cultural fabric of their communities. Most work hard to earn a living and improve their circumstances. Many have the responsibility of helping to support their families and are a major contributor to economies worldwide.

UTCGG students

Sunday, August 23, INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE REMEMBRANCE OF THE SLAVE TRADE AND ITS ABOLITION:  The United Nations General Assembly has declared the decade of 2015-2024 in tribute to Africans and their descendants around the world.

Many people are unaware of the African presence in Mexico, but more people were enslaved and shipped into Latin America than in the north. The state of Guerrero, in particular, has a large concentration of Afro-Mexicans. The state was named after Vicente Guerrero, Mexico’s second president, who was of African-Indigenous descent. He abolished slavery during his administration in 1829. For more information about Afro-Mexicans in Guerrero, visit: www.FreedomPathways.org


Source: www.FreedomPathways.org:  Slavery In West Africa and in the New World | Pathways to Freedom in the Americas

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