Special Events and Activities in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico for October 2014

Summer is over. The kids are back to school. But, the action and fun never stops in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico. This month is full of exciting activities and events.

Sunday, October 5, 6:00 p.m., YOUTH TALENT COMPETITION at Cancha Municipal (basketball court) in Zihuatanejo: Come out and support our talented youth! The Municipal Youth Department is sponsoring a talent competition. Young people will sing, dance, act, or whatever! The auditions will be held in Centro Social (municipal social center) on Friday, October 3 at 4 p.m. The final performances will be on Sunday. This promises to be one of the most entertaining events of the year. Let’s rock!

IZ Talent Show

Thursday and Friday, October 9-10, 1st Conference on Mental Health in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo: The event will be held at Hotel Krystal in Ixtapa. Sponsored by the Psychology Association of Zihuatanejo (Colegio de Psicologas de Zihuatanejo, A.C.) this will be the first conference in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo for mental health. The objective is to help elevate the importance of mental health in education, society and business. Registration begins at 8 a.m. on Thursday, October 9. The conference begins each day at 9 a.m. Cost is $400 pesos for students and $700 pesos for professionals. (Click on the program images to enlarge them.)

IZ Mental Health 2

IZ Mental Health 1

Monday, October 13, “Día de la Raza” (Columbus Day): Many countries around the world celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas, which happened on October 12, 1492, as a holiday or official celebration. The landing is celebrated as Columbus Day in the United States. Since 1970, the holiday has been fixed to the second Monday in October, coincidentally the same day as Thanksgiving in Canada.

In Mexico and in other parts of Latin America, the day is recognized as Día de la Raza (“Day of the Race”). Although the original idea of Columbus Day was to unite the cultures in the Americas, the holiday is very controversial. It is argued that the October 12 actually should be a day of mourning; it was the start date of the imposition of Spanish America, subsequent colonization, conquest of indigenous natives, and enslavement of African people.


Monday, October 13, Thanksgiving Day in Canada: Ixtapa Zihuatanejo has many Canadian visitors and residents. We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thanksgiving Day in Canada has been a holiday on the second Monday of October since 1957. It is a chance for people to give thanks their good fortunes in the past year.

Wednesday, October 15, International Day of Rural Women: The first International Day of Rural Women was observed on October 15, 2008. This new international day, established by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 62/136 on December 18, 2007, recognizes “the critical role and contribution of rural women, including indigenous women, in enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty.”


Rural women play a critical role in the rural economies of both developed and developing countries. In most parts of the developing world they participate in crop production and livestock care, provide food, water and fuel for their families, and engage in off-farm activities to diversify their families’ livelihoods. In addition, they carry out vital functions in caring for children, older persons and the sick.

Friday, October 24, United Nations Day: United Nations Day has been celebrated on October 24 since 1948. In 1971, the United Nations General Assembly recommended that the day be observed by Member States as a public holiday. The United Nations works for peace; it promotes maternal health; it combats climate change; it fights poverty; it promotes human rights; it assists refugees; it helps people in emergencies; it feeds hungry populations; it vaccinates children; it works to prevent conflict; it promotes disarmament; and the UN works for primary education for all. Celebrate UN Day! Download this poster: 13-00123 UN Day Poster 1[1]

Saturday, October 25, Revolution 3 Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Triathlon: Swimming, cycling, and running! You can compete, or sit back and enjoy the thrill of watching! Ixtapa residents, remember that the streets will be closed during the morning. For more information, visit: REV3 Mexico Triathlon.

IZ Triathalon REV

Friday, October 31 through Sunday, November 2, “Día de Muertos” or “Day of the Dead”:  This holiday is as important to Mexicans as Thanksgiving is in the USA and Canada. It is a celebration, not of death, but of the continuum of life. Families travel long distances to be with their loved ones on this occasion.  Its origins are distinctly Mexican: During the time of the Aztecs, a month-long summer celebration was overseen by the goddess Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of the Dead. After the Aztecs were conquered by Spain and Catholicism became the dominant religion, the customs became intertwined with the Christian commemoration of All Saints’ Day on Nov. 1. The holiday is joyous celebration!  It is a time for the family to pray, to reflect, to honor and to remember their dead. To learn more about this Mexican tradition, read: “Día de Muertos” – Day of the Dead Celebration in Mexico and Day of the Dead Celebration in the Costa Chica Region of Guerrero.

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