Owen Lee – Zihuatanejo’s Famous Diver, Naturalist and Writer

Owen Lee PhotoAn underwater diver, a former camera man with Captain Jacques Cousteau, a naturalist, a writer, and one of the first Americans to live in the area – Owen Lee has helped bring fame to Zihuatanejo and has promoted conservation in the area for over 40 years.

Owen is one of Zihuatanejo’s most endeared personalities. He has had an amazing life and career!

Born in Miami, Florida in 1928, Owen Lee went to Paris in 1950 to study, where by sheer chance, he met Captain Jacques Cousteau.  He later worked as an underwater cameraman for Captain Cousteau aboard his famous ship, the Calypso. He was a lecturer and spokesman, presenting Cousteau’s Adventure programs to audiences in over 300 cities throughout America and wrote the first three books on diving in the English language for Doubleday and Company.

Owen Lee and Jacques Cousteau

Owen Lee and Captain Jacques Cousteau in Paris in the early 1950’s.

Owen came to Zihuatanejo, Mexico to live in 1968, after retiring from the Cousteau Team.  He created a Nature Study Center on Las Gatas Beach in Zihuatanejo to promote Cousteau’s ideas about the reintegrating mankind into the global ecosystem.

Owen Lee Profile photo

Owen produced an hour-long documentary film titled “The Endless Sea,” narrated by actor James Mason and astronaut Scott Carpenter, and published two books about his experiences, “A Prisoner in Paradise” and “Mother Nature, My Nature.”

Listen about some of Owen Lee’s amazing experiences in a short clip from his DVD, “The End Game”:

You can order the full hour-long DVD of “The End Game” from www.Amazon.comThe End Game: Documentary, Owen Lee: Movies & TV

Owen Lee’s books are available for purchase on www.Amazon.com.

A Prisoner in Paradise

A Prisoner In Paradise: The True Adventures of a Forbidden Love Affair In Zihuatanejo, Mexico: If you ever dreamed about living, working or investing in an exotic, tropical paradise, “A Prisoner in Paradise” is a fast, funny and informative preview what kind of adventures might await you!

Mother Nature My Nature

Mother Nature / My Nature: A look into man’s evolutionary past to discover the causes of our present conflicts with Nature and to define the ways to our collective survival in the near future.

Dog Gone

Dog Gone!: A sweet, family oriented story about two pre-teenagers who volunteer to raise a guide dog puppy for their local school for the blind.

To learn more about Owen Lee, go to: www.owenlee.name

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