“Noche de Bolero” (Bolero Night) at Che Mangiamo Restaurant in Ixtapa Marina

On Saturday and Sunday, October 20th and 21st, Che Mangiamo Restaurant in the Ixtapa Marina will host “Bolero Night,” with a live concert performance and special dinner.

What is “bolero music”?  It can be described as “smooth, romantic…even sexy,” and is the music spontaneously played during impromptu bohemia-type gatherings.  The history of Bolero music is supposedly a mystery since some say the origin is the same as the Rumba, deeply planted with an Afro-Cuba influence.  Others say it originated from Cuban or Spanish folk dances such as the Danzón and Beguine.

Wherever or however it originated, the Bolero is the thread that runs through even our most contemporary music today:  From Popular – “Mujer” by Julio Iglesia; the Classical – “Bolero Ravel”; to Rock – “Jeff Beck´s Bolero.”

Enjoy your “Noche de Bolero“and we hope you too will say that Bolero is:  Smooth, romantic…even sexy!

Reservations Only (limited space): Call (755) 553-3865

Concert starts 10:00 p.m.

Entrance:  $400 pesos/per person, includes 2 National drinks

Dinner before the show:  Set menu (extra cost) – Call for information and reservations

Profile of Performing Musicians

SERGIO DE MARIA (DIRECTOR, GUITARIST, SINGER):  With a trajectory of more than 25 years as a composer of diverse musical genre such as ballads, hip hop, rumba flamenco, and chill out among others, Sergio is best noted as a Guitarist and has recorded alongside renowned violinist George Uhrich from Canada.

PACO AMANTE & HIS GOLDEN GUITAR:  Spain, Holland and France have heard the bountiful guitar of PACO AMANTE, a native of Morelia, Michoacán.  Madrid and Cuba have acclaimed him as the “Virtuoso of the Golden Guitar.” In Puerto Rico and the United States, they have assessed his music as a classic in popular music and on a national level is considered one of the finest guitarists of the country.

TONY GAYTON (SAXOPHONE):  For 11 years, his saxophone has made his audiences vibrate, and as the saxophonist for many musical groups including Carlos Cuevas.  He has appeared on many stages of México.  Presently he is the owner of the“Tonyson” group appearing in Cuernavaca and will also be accompanying Sergio De Maria in his presentations nationally.

ANTON PALOMINOS (TENOR):  Anton has accompanied trios and rock groups, and has performed folkloric and international music under the tutelage of the Masters, namely Andrea Carr, Rochforf, Rosemary Alvino and most recently, with the Baritone Jesus Suaste.  He is presently working on his vocal techniques to result in a vocal range of 3 octaves and two tones.  He is also preparing material for a CD combining generic bolero, Latin American music and operatic strains.

RODRIGO MARTINEZ (PERCUSSION):  He has appeared in events and orchestras throughout México, playing a range of instruments such as the bass, guitar, mandolin, vihuela (small guitar), jarana (string instrument from Veracruz, México), and the bandurria (12 string guitar), also percussion of Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Brazilian origin. Along the line of the jazz genre, Rodrigo is influenced by Cuban salsa, Cumbia Norteño, Danzón, bolero, pop and rock.

By: Esthela Buenaventura


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