Motorcycle Drive-by Shooting at Bodega Aurrera Grocery Store in Zihuatanejo

By: Patricia Ann Talley, Editor (and observer!)

The local Zihuatanejo community was shaken by a drive-by shooting on Friday, December 8, 2017, that took place at the bus stop in front of Bodega Aurrera grocery store. I was parking to enter the store and was a witness to the event. Two young boys on a motorcycle fired several shots, targeting two other young boys and hitting another bystander. It happened right in front of me; I ran and took cover in City Hall next door. There have been other reports of shootings and robberies in the area.

The shooting took place at Bodega grocery store in Zihuatanejo, located on the main highway drive. 

Of course, I was shaken; it was really close to me! But, we must keep things in perspective. Overall, the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area is great for tourism and residential living – but, the area has transformed from a fishing village to a city, with city problems.

First, here is an update about the event from Despertar de la Costa, the Spanish newspaper in Zihuatanejo.

As reported on Despertar de la Costa Facebook Page, December 8, 20171 (Translated and summarized by this writer.)

Zihuatanejo: Armed civilians on a motorcycle shot and wounded three men who were waiting in the bus stop booth in front of Bodega Aurrera grocery store in Zihuatanejo.

According to police sources, the armed attack that occurred at around 1:00 pm on Friday and was targeted at Noe Andrés Yáñez, 17 years old, residing in the Las Brisas neighborhood; and Pedro Jiménez Serrano, 22 years old, residing in the El Limón neighborhood.

One of the stray bullets hit another man who was identified as Luis Apantitan Barreram, 56 years old, who was injured in the right calf. Red Cross paramedics attended him and it was not necessary to transfer him to a hospital.

Pedro Jiménez, one of the victims, ran to the El Limón neighborhood, about 500 meters from the incident and hid in a pantheon in front of a taxi site. Noé Andrés, the other victim, went inside the Bodega Aurrera. Paramedics from the Municipal Fire Department and a police patrol went there and took him to the General Hospital “Dr. Bernardo Sepúlveda Gutiérrez” to be operated by the emergency personnel. The whereabouts of the attackers were unknown. Here is a video of the incident.

#Actualizada #HierenABalazosATresZihuatanejo, Gro.- Civiles armados desde un vehículo en movimiento hirieron a balazos a tres hombres que estaban en la caseta de la Bodega Aurrera, en la vía lateral del bulevar Paseo de Zihuatanejo Poniente.De acuerdo con fuentes policiales, el ataque armado ocurrido a las 13 horas de este viernes fue en contra de Noe Andrés Yáñez, de 17 años de edad, con domicilio en la colonia Las Brisas; y de Pedro Jiménez Serrano, de 22 años de edad, con domicilio en la colonia El Limón.Una de las balas perdidas alcanzó al paletero identificado con el nombre de Luis Apantitan Barreram de 56 años de edad, fue herido en la pantorrilla derecha, paramédicos de la Cruz Roja lo atendieron pero le informaron que no era necesario trasladarlo a un hospital.Por otro lado, Pedro Jiménez corrió hasta la colonia El Limón, a unos 500 metros del ataque armado, se escondió en un panteón frente a un sitio de taxis; mientras que Noé Andrés se metió dentro de la Bodega Aurrera. Paramédicos de la Dirección Municipal de Bomberos y una patrulla de la Policía acudieron por ellos y los trasladaron al Hospital General "Dr. Bernardo Sepúlveda Gutiérrez" para ser intervenidos por el personal de Urgencias.De los agresores se desconoció el paradero.

Posted by Despertar De la Costa on Friday, December 8, 2017

Video from: Despertar de la Costa, Facebook Posting of December  8, 2017

Let’s Take Precautions – But, Keep Things in Perspective!

The population of Zihuatanejo (including the Ixtapa area) is only about 105,000; there is a small base of local people. But, over 500,000 people tour the area every year. There are local gangs, narcos, and outside influences – the same as in many other cities around the world. But, when you have a small local base, news spreads fast.

But, let’s keep things in perspective. The violence in Zihuatanejo does not compare to that of many other cities in the USA or Latin America!

So, while we urge everyone to be cautious, remember to keep things in perspective.


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