Michael D. Hackett – Painter, Artist, Designer, and Zihuatanejo’s Extraordinaire!

He is a painter, a multimedia artist, a furniture designer, and an architectural illustrator. He was trained in Australia and has travelled and exhibited throughout the world. But now, Michael Hackett calls Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico his home, a special place for his creativity.Michael Hackett Profile

“I now find myself in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Never did I think I would be living here, but I responded to this place. I was drawn to this region as if I had a memory of being here before. I am a newcomer compared to others who live here. I have lived my life in major cities around the world, and now, I am here in a Mexican fishing village of all places, and learning amazing things. Living in a place with fewer social rules and demands, I have traded the world of concrete for the world of nature, a complete alteration from what I have known and experienced before.”

Michael describes his work:  “My life has been about creating, seeing, and altering what some think of as mundane. Simple objects are the seeds for my large scale art. Taking an object and moving it from its perceived function into another realm of reality. Always experimenting finding new ways to perceive the established concepts of what things should be. This is what I do.”

Michael Hackett palm-metal-and-bone

Michael Hackett was trained in Australia at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. After several years as an architectural illustrator in Boston and Philadelphia, he moved to Los Angeles area to paint. He has been featured in Interior Design Magazine and has held exhibitions as a painter and as a muralist, and he has been an architectural illustrator for several renowned firms in the United States.Michael Hackett IMG_0205-copy

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Michael can take anything – a piece of wood, a rock, a bead –to create a spectacular piece!

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Visit Michael on his website at www.michaeldhackett.com to see more of his works. You can also email Michael directly at hackett52@gmail.com, or call (310) 294-3753 (in the US) or (755) 121-1912 (in Mexico).


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