Mauricio López Moctezuma – A Master Sculptor of Mud from Zihuatanejo

Mauricio López Moctezuma was born in Ometepec Township, located in the Amuzga Zone of in the Costa Chica region in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. The Amuzgo people are one of the largest indigenous groups in the Costa Chica Region, which also has a large population of Afromexicans. The Amuzgos maintain much of their native language and traditional dress. They are known for their textiles and handcrafts. Their communities are very poor with an economy mostly dependent on subsistence agriculture and handcraft production.

Mauricio Montezuma La ofrenda -0167

Mauricio López Moctezuma is from the Amuzga Zone of in the Costa Chica region in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. The area has one of the highest populations of indigenous people in the state.

Mauricio was one of ten children. He lived at home until the age of twenty, helping his father to support the family by cultivating corn, beans, and sesame. He chased the dream of a better job opportunity to sustain the family home, so Mauricio moved “upstate” to Zihuatanejo, Guerrero in 1987 and has continued to live here since.

“I didn’t speak Spanish,” he says. “I used to make 5 pesos a day (31 cents US) in my home town of Ometepec, but when I came to Zihuatanejo in the late 80s, I was able to make 15 pesos a day (94 cents US). That was a lot of money for me then,” he says.

A year after his arrival, Mauricio met his life partner, Rosy Alvaro; they married and started a family. They made their home on La Ropa Beach. It was there that he rediscovered his childhood love for the land – the mud – and his talent for its mastery. Through many trials and failures, he gradually developed a process turn the mud of Zihuatanejo into clay that allows him to create his sculptures.

Mauricio López Moctezuma is a Master of Mud.

Mauricio Montezuma Aztec head and Amuzo

Mauricio Montezuma - display

La Tejedora 19

Costeña 11

Mauiricio Pat and Rosey

Mauricio López Moctezuma, joined by his wife Rosy Alvaro (right), presented his sculpture, “Paty de la Paz” (Patricia of Peace) to www.Imagine-Mexico editor, Patricia Ann Talley (middle) to recognize her community volunteer work.

For Mauricio, mud has been one of the happiest discoveries of his life. He now holds formal exhibitions and sells his works. He and his wife Rosy also own and operate Casa Tucanes Vacation Villas near the beach in Zihuatanejo, where his works are on display. You can contact them (in English) at (755) 115-2840 for an appointment.

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