Hurricane Polo Damages the Pier, Restaurants, and Walkways in Zihuatanejo Communities

It’s hurricane season in the tropics. During mid-September, strong winds and waves from hurricane Polo struck the coastline of the state of Guerrero, causing erosion at several beaches, damages to restaurants, and a loss of income for workers employed in tourism services.

The Civil Protection Agency reported that the regions along the coast of Guerrero sustained winds of up to 40 miles per hour and waves up to 10 feet high. In total, there were over eighty beachfront restaurants within the state that incurred damages.

In Zihuatanejo, the Civil Protection Agency reports damages to several beachfront restaurants, the pier at Playa Linda beach, the scenic walkway along Playa La Madera, and the pier at Playa Las Gatas, as well as erosion of the El Palmar and Playa Blanca beaches. The pier in Zihuatanejo was closed for two days. The pier at Playa Linda was most affected and almost completely destroyed. At Ixtapa Island, one hundred men have been without work due to the bad weather.

The community of Barra de Potosi reported a loss of more than $100,000 pesos in business sales. Eighteen enramadas (small, beachfront restaurants) were affected by the bad weather. They incurred damages to the bathrooms, loss of furniture, and destruction of their beachfronts.

Most importantly, there were no deaths reported.

Please see this video of the storm and its affects.

Video is courtesy of Jorge De la Rosa Bernal.


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