Humane Society of Zihuatanejo Helps and Cares for Local Strays

Many people are unaware that the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area has a Humane Society to help care for, attend to, and rehabilitate stray animals. The “Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Zihuatanejo” (Animal Humane Society of Zihuatanejo) is located in downtown Zihuatanejo, next to the principal basketball court (Cancha Municipal) at Casa Marina on Paseo del Pescador #9. The telephone number is: (cellular) 755-112-1648, e-mail:

The Humane Society is open Monday through Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and provides the following services:

  • Give refuge to all abandoned, lost, sick, injured or abused animals of any species.
  • Provide treatment and rehabilitation for wildlife and release them anew.
  • Provide a permanent adoption program for domestic animals.
  • Euthanize by humanitarian means wild or domestic animals which are sick or wounded and beyond hope for recovery.
  • Manage a permanent sterilization campaign at low cost for proven low-income owners of dogs and cats.
  • Supervise the correct application of methods of sacrifice in the municipal slaughterhouses.
  • Collaborate with the authorities in vaccination campaigns, control of harmful fauna and halt the illegal commerce and hunting of endangered wildlife.
  • Make the public aware of the Animal Protection Law in the state of Guerrero .

The Humane Society also has the capacity to respond to emergency calls in order to end the suffering of an animal recently hit by a car, maimed or dying abandoned in the street, and for those animals reported with chronic illnesses wandering about alone.

The organization maintains itself with the sale of T-shirts bearing the logo of the Society and with donations from persons within the country and abroad.

The Society is trying to build a new facility and establish educational programs.  All donations are welcome and can be made at the Society’s installations or deposited to their bank account at:

Bank: Banamex

Branch: 0018

Account: 8005020

CLABE: 002282001880050202

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