Help Mexico Survive and Rebuild with Your Donations

By: Leonarda Reyes.

The earthquake tragedy in Mexico goes beyond adjectives, with hundreds of volunteers and officials working without stopping. After days and hours, under rain and darkness, they keep digging to find survivors or at least dead bodies for their families to mourn before the machines finally clear the areas and buildings that were destroyed.

There is not much time left now. Still, when a fist goes up in the air from the rescuers, that means they have heard something – a voice, some noise – and many other fists go up, everybody keeps quiet, with hope in their hearts.

On Friday, September 22, Mexico City went back to business, with entire areas closed to the public, after three days of restricted traffic and closed businesses to allow rescue work and relief help to save what could be saved.

Even after the city is in full activity, there will still be hundreds of families without a home and kids without clothing. In fact, the reconstruction might take years.

How can we help? Donations are the immediate answer, but the next step gets a little complicated, who to and how? Here is a list of banks and organizations that are most secure.

Donating to organizations: 

Mexican Red Cross. The funds go to emergency relief, the organization is also supporting Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Morelos.

  • Name: Cruz Roja Mexicana
  • Bank: BBVA Bancomer
  • Account: 0404-040406, Clabe: 0121-8000-4040-404062
  • International donations: Swift code: BCMRMXMMPYM .

UNICEF.The funds go to help children, in Mexico and any other country where needed.

  • Bank Account: 1976039404
  • Name: Fondo de las Naciones Unidas
  • Bank: Banamex, Address: Lomas, Ciudad de México.
  • Bank Swift Code: BNMXMXMM
  • Bank Clabe: 002180019760394046
  • ABBA #: 021000089

Save the Children México(Fundación Mexicana de Apoyo Infantil)

  • HSBC. The bank will donate match donations.
  • Account: 0211800 403 845 91110
  • International: Swift: BIMEMXMM

Topos Tlatelolco. Volunteer rescuers. They are the guys on the frontline. On television, you can see them in orange uniforms. Several Topos groups emerged in the aftermath of the 1985 earthquake and volunteered in other countries. Some Topos groups do not accept donations, but this one does.

Donating to banks:

The Mexican government just set up a private “fideicomiso” (escrow) named Fuerza México, headed by businessmen and bankers, construction companies and others. This is an effort to centralize the funding to better plan the reconstruction. You can just go to your favorite bank and ask to donate or make a transfer.

Citibanamex. The bank will match donations.

  • Account name: Fomento Social Banamex A.C.
  • Transfers clabe: 002 180 010 000 001 205
  • International donation: SWIFT BNMXMXMM

Bancomer. Donated $550 thousand dollars.

Banorte.The bank will match donations.

  • Name: Fundación Banorte
  • Account: 000-000-0019
  • Clabe: 0725 8000 0000 0001 92

Intercam.  The bank will match donations.

  • Banco: Intercam Banco
  • Cuenta: 001 333 333 330
  • CLABE: 1361 8001 3333 3333 06


  • Name: Ayuda Santander
  • Account: 65501821470, reference: 100 Ayuda Santander
  • Clabe: 001452310655018214704

Fuerza México (escrow). Funds will help the reconstruction.

  • Bank: Nacional Financiera (Fideicomiso Fuerza México)
  • Número de cuenta: 0110975907
  • Clabe: 012180001109759074.
  • Dollars, account: 0110975915, Clabe 012180001109759156
  • Swift: BCMRMXMM


Thank you. We are all one world!



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