Grace Relfe of Zihuatanejo Displays Art in “El Rebozo” Exhibition at Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City

By: Patricia Ann Talley, Editor

Local residents of Zihuatanejo refer to her as “Our Grace.” Grace Relfe is one of the first American immigrants to the Zihuatanejo area, coming from California over 40 years ago. “I used to go into downtown Zihua on a mule, “she says. “We used to live on the beach in huts.  I’ve seen many, many changes over the past 40 years.”

Back forty years ago, Grace was an art design graduate who came to Zihuatanejo to enjoy the nature and outdoors – a self-described “hippy.” She still lives close to nature in an open-air house nestled high atop the mountains overlooking the Zihuatanejo Bay. There, she rents rooms to adventurous tourists, plays with her adorable cats, cooks delicious dishes for her friends, and paints. She is also an accomplished photographer.


And, wouldn’t you know it!  “Our Grace” got her artwork on display at the famous Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City  that houses the finest collection of decorative arts in Mexico, and presents temporary shows of design and photography. Her artwork will be on display in the exhibition, El Rebozo – Made in Mexico until August 30, 2015.

Franz Mayer Museum

The Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City houses the finest collection of decorative arts in Mexico.

The exhibition will focus on the significance in creating the identity of women in the country. It will highlight traditional values, textiles, and ancient techniques. The “El Rebozo” exhibition will also be accompanied by workshops, expo-sale, and open talks to the public.Grace - Made in Mexico

Grace Relfe - 1

Grace’s artwork will be on display in the “El Rebozo – Made in Mexico” Exhibition until August 30, 2015.

The museum is located at Hidalgo 45, Centro Histórico, México D.F. 06300.  Telephone: 5518-2266, or email:

So, if you get a chance this month for a weekend get-away, visit Mexico City Grace’s artwork on display.  Amazing Grace!

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