From Troncones, Mexico to Paris, France: The Art of MariCarmen Hernandez

Back and forth between the two cultures, back and forth between the two forms of expression . . . artist MariCarmen Hernandez creates an artistic bridge between her native home of Mexico and her adopted home of France.


Photo: Heptor Arjona

“I live halfway between two wonderful countries: Mexico, where I was born and where I continue to live in Troncones, and Paris, France. I create all my work in Troncones and Paris,” she says. “The Mexican and French magic . . . these two cultures enrich and inspire me.”

Called “Meta” (Spanish for “Goal”), MariCarmen Hernandez is an architect by training from Universidad Anáhuac, UNAM (The University of Mexico) in Mexico City. Her first works were “textile sculptures” made of intertwined ribbons. In 1976, she started working in Paris and permanently settled there in 1985 when she began to paint abstract compositions.

The artist “Meta” has exhibited her creations all over the world.  Radiant as always, MariCarmen Hernandez, “Meta” shares her artwork for you to enjoy.

“Bananas 2000 Troncones”, O/C – 217 cm x 163 cm

Bananas 2000 Troncones

“Eye Ay I”, 2002 Troncones O/C – 36.5 cm x 31 cm

Eye Ay 24-28 Troncones 2002

“Muses Medusas 8-18”, 2005 Troncones, O/C – 46 cm x 46 cm  

Muses Medusasa 8-18

“Muses Medusas 12-18”, 2005 Troncones, O/C – 46 cm x 46 cm

Muses Medusas 12-18

“One is Different”, 1985 Paris, Ribbons & Textile, 100 cm x 75 cm

One is Different 1985 Paris

“Ni Ici Ni La Bas 19-28”, 2005 Auray, O/P – 14.5 cm x 23.5 cm

Ni Ici Ni La-Bas 19-28

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