Food for Thought: Zihuatanejo Chef Linda Fox Conducts Cooking Classes to Benefit Students

She’s cooked for dignitaries and celebrities like President Bush, Ladybird Johnson, Willie Nelson, John Travolta, Sean Penn, Madonna and Diana Ross, to name a few. But, now, Zihuatanejo Chef Linda Fox is cooking and conducting culinary classes to raise funds for the “Rice and Beans” program of the “Por Los Niños” Charity that provides meals for needy school children in the area.

Beginning this month, Linda Fox, chef and writer, will utilize her catering kitchen to offer cooking classes for tourists and local residents.

Linda is the author of three books pertaining to Zihuatanejo: Cookin’ Hot in Zihua; Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa, A Guide to Casas, Camas y Cosas; and Topes in Paradise. Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Linda has lived in Zihuatanejo off and on since 1971. She has an extensive catering background and had a cooking school at the Villa de la Roca in 1998.  Food and Wine Magazine called it, “One of the Best in the Americas.”

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 Chef Linda Fox will donate proceeds from her cooking classes to the “Rice and Beans” student meal program for needy children.

Chef Linda’s cooking classes will be held each Thursday for 4 (minimum) to 8 (maximum) participants. Class times can be arranged between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., or between 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. The suggested donation is $300.00 Pesos plus the cost of the food.  The menu will be Mexican and will change with the seasonal varieties of food. Proceeds from the cooking classes will go to the “Rice and Beans” charity program that provides meals for students.  Participants can enjoy the class while helping to feed local school children!

For more information and reservations for the cooking classes, please e-mail Chef Linda Fox at:

The cooking classes will raise funds for the “Rice and Beans” student meals program, which is organized by Carol Romain, a Zihuatanejo resident originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  The “Rice and Beans” program provides nutritious meals for 120 highly intelligent and motivated children in Zihuatanejo, whose families have limited resources.

In order to pay for the food, Carol and her friends hold two raffles a year selling tickets for $50 USD to people in the USA, Canada, Mexico and as far away as New Zealand.  Prizes are donated and include a week at a resort hotel in Ixtapa, a weekend in a luxury condo in Chicago, artwork, photography and other items.

Through the fundraising efforts of the “Rice and Beans” raffles and now Chef Linda’s cooking classes, 600 meals per week are provided for students for about $400.00 USD per week.  

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 The families of children who benefit from the “Rice and Beans” program have limited resources.  To qualify, the students must maintain a minimum of a B average.

The children that benefit from this program are students at “Casa del Pacifico Para Niños” Elementary School in Zihuatanejo, which was started 13 years ago by Pacifica Resort in Ixtapa.  The hotel provides the rent for the school building, utilities, and the teaching and support staff including, a social worker and a psychologist.  Everything else comes from the community. The children receive extra classes in English, Computers and Values or Ethics.  To qualify to attend this school, children must come from families with limited resources and be able to maintain a minimum of a B average.  Most families have a monthly income of less than $165.00 USD per month.

With the addition of the enhanced nutrition program, the children’s grades have soared! Last year, Casa del Pacifico Para Niños school graduated 32 children from Grade 6 with many having grade point averages of 9.0 or more!  Fourteen of these children received scholarships to continue their education.

Sign-up for Cooking Classes to Provide Meals for the Kids!

If you would like to assist with this effort to provide meals for needy school children, please sign-up for Chef Linda’s cooking classes at  You can also participate in the raffles and donate directly to the “Rice and Beans” meals program by contacting Carol Romain at

We all know hungry or poorly nourished kids can’t learn.

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