Enjoy Some Favorite Mexican Party Beverages!

Any time is a good time to add a little spice to your life! Try your hand at making some of your favorite Mexican party beverages. Whatever your menu, these classic drinks will be the hit of the party!

Below, you’ll find special recipes for Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s – made the Mexican way!  These drinks can easily be made at home.  The secret ingredient in both is fresh lime juice – not out of a bottle!  Take the time to squeeze fresh lime juice; it makes a difference!

Mexican Margarita

AUTHENTIC MEXICAN MARGARITAS – Courtesy of Ann Hazard at www.mexgrocers.com

Recipe Ingredients:

4 ounces Tequila

4 ounces Mexican Controy

4 ounces Lime juice – Buy fresh limes and squeeze them.  It makes a difference!

Crushed ice to top of blender

Recipe Instructions:

  1. Place tequila, Controy and lime juice in blender.
  2. Fill until almost full with crushed ice. Shake well or blend until very slushy.
  3. Wet rim of martini or Margarita glass with water and swirl in small dish of salt.
  4. Pour Margarita into the glass.

BLOODY MARY’S – THE MEXICAN WAY from www.mexgrocer.com

These are the best! In Mexico, bartenders use Clamato juice in their Bloody Mary’s instead of plain tomato juice, along with Margarita salt and those tiny, tasty, succulent Mexican limes (called limónes). This recipe makes eight drinks and takes about 15 minutes to prepare.

Bloody Mary

Helpful Hint: If you want a short cut here, make your mix up in the morning before your guests arrive. Store it in the refrigerator in a covered pitcher or glass jar. Rinse and cut the celery strips ahead of time too and put in a zip lock bag. Then, when you’re ready to serve drinks-all you’ll have to do is rim the glasses with salt, add ice, vodka and pour in the mix, finishing up with a celery stick garnish.

Recipe Ingredients:

Margarita salt

8 ounces vodka

1/2 gallon clam-tomato juice (16 jars)

10 limes

3 dashes Worcestershire sauce per glass

Pepper to taste

Hot pepper sauce to taste

3 sprinkles celery salt per glass

8 celery or carrot sticks for garnish

Recipe Instructions:

Rub the rims of eight highball glasses with lime and dip in Margarita salt. Fill glasses with ice and to each glass add: one ounce vodka, the juice of one lime, three dashes Worcestershire sauce, pepper, hot pepper sauce and three sprinkles of celery salt. Fill each glass to the brim with Clamato juice.

These favorite Mexican beverages, and many others, are always available in the many fine restaurants in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.  For more information about the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area, see:

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