Educational Innovation and Vocational Training at the “Universidad Tecnológica de La Costa Grande” in Nearby Petatlán

By: Patricia Ann Talley, Editor.

American neighbors in the USA and Canada may not necessarily think of Mexico as a leader in high-quality vocational development and training, but we have some top-class facilities right here in the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area, such as the “Universidad Tecnológica de La Costa Grande de Guerrero” (The Technological University of Grand Coast of the State of Guerrero). Referred to as “UTCGG,” the university is located just one 45 minutes south of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo on Interstate Highway 200 in the small village of Petatlán.

A high-technology, full-equipped, technical training institution, UTCGG offers 2-year technical degrees in Marketing, Tourism, Food Preparation, Human Resource Administration, Automobile Mechanics and Industrial Maintenance. Students may continue to achieve 4-year professional degrees in Business Development and Innovation, Industrial Maintenance, Metal Mechanics, Food Processes, Information and Communication Technology, Renewable Energies or Tourism Development.  Students also study English and French. The university also offers cultural activities, medial services, tutors, a library and transportation.

Supported by the State of Guerrero with goals of educating the community at large, the UTCGG’s tuition is approximately $320 USD per year. Academic performance is rewarded; tuition is reduced by 50% for those with grade averages of 8.5-9.0 (on a 10 point scale) and waived completely for students who achieve a grade average of 9.1 or higher.

While the United States is known world-wide for the high quality of its university facilities and professional training, many new jobs that will emerge in the world over the next few years will be more “vocational or technical” in nature.

University training in Mexico focuses on making the students “job ready” as quickly as possible and their studies include both classroom theory and practical application; half of their college time is spent in business internships.  Many local businesses host “practicantes” (interns) from local and out-of-state colleges and training facilities. Tourists and residents enjoy seeing all of the polite, uniformed “young students” that train regularly in the hotels, restaurants and businesses around town. Talk to them!!!  The students need to practice their English skills!

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