Discover the Natural Beauty of Troncones Beach, Mexico

By: William H. Tucker, Publisher and Patricia Ann Talley, Editor.

Troncones Beach is a pristine beach of natural beauty on the Pacific Coast, about 25 minutes north of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo on the new Interstate Highway 200. Situated at the base of a small coastline mountain range with subtropical forests, Troncones boasts of spectacular beach houses and luxurious villas and beach front bungalows for rent. Unforgettable sunsets, an abundance of natural wildlife and a clean, uncrowded beach make Troncones the perfect get away. The area is known for surfing and also for the caves that dot the mountain side.

Troncones -2 Hans Brouwers

Photo by: Hans Brouwers

Day Trips to Troncones

If you are visiting Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo, a day trip to Troncones is easy and fun, but we recommend at least two days if you are looking for a retreat. You can rent a car or take a taxi to the beach town. There are local taxis available in Troncones to take you around the area. Troncones Beach is great for walking, swimming, horseback riding and boogie boarding. There are tide pools among the lava rock. You can spend the entire day watching the waves, the birds and the wildlife. Also available are surf board and bike rentals, surfing lessons, eco tours and more. Visit: Costa Nativa Ecotours – Kayaking, Hiking, Boat & Bicycle Tours in Troncones, Mexico.

Troncones 1 Frank Sheppard

Troncones 2 Frank Sheppard

“La Majahua,” the next little village to the north, is home to a small fishing fleet where you can buy freshly caught fish and lobster directly from the local fishermen. “Boca Lagunillas,” another nearby beach, has a large lagoon edged with lush vegetation and filled with flocks of many different kinds of birds.  It is a great place for bird watching and kayaking. “Playa La Salidita,” about 5 miles further north, is an excellent swimming and surfing beach. There are many palapa-type restaurants there.

Troncones Beach is part of the municipality of “La Unión.” Its downtown area is located about 20 minutes further north along Interstate Highway 200. Tuesdays are market days when you can buy fresh produce, poultry and seafood directly from local farmers and fishermen. Hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Where to Eat 

There are numerous restaurants located along the beach in Troncones.  Many local restaurants stay open all year long to host both national and international guests. A local favorite is Restaurant Costa Brava, located on the beach just right of the main road. The restaurant at Present Moments Retreat is also open year-round. From November through April, Roberto’s Bistro (the old “Burro Boracho”) has traditional Mexican dancers on Saturday evenings.

Where to Stay

One of the major reasons why people vacation and live in Troncones is its unspoiled natural beauty and wildlife. It is truly a unique experience to be “upfront and close” to nature. Many people spend their entire vacations on Troncones Beach, or split their time between there and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.

Toncones 1 Glen Novey

Photo by: Glen Novey, Casa Delfin Sonriente

Troncones has about 400 residents with a sizeable enclave of American and Canadian-owned homes, small hotels, B& B’s and vacation rental units, like Casa Ki Bungalows – Bed and Breakfast Inn, Posada de los Raqueros Beachfront Resort and Casa Delle Forchette Luxury Vacation Home. Present Moment Retreat, ranked by Trip Advisor as one of the best small hotels in Mexico, is also located in Troncones.

palapas at Casa Ki

Photo by:  Casa Ki Bungalows

Troncones 3 - Hans Brouswers

Photo by: Hans Brouwers, Posada de los Raqueros Beachfront Resort

The Sea Turtles

Wildlife is part of the charm of Troncones Beach that is host to many sea turtles, which are an endangered species. Female sea turtles must come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand. Most females return to lay eggs on the beach where they were born, so every year, there are new sea turtles in the area.

Sea turtle

In the water, sea turtles are agile and graceful, but on land they see poorly, don’t hear or smell well, and are slow and clumsy. Sadly, harvesting their eggs for food and killing the adults for meat is widely accepted. Mexico has strong conservation laws to protect the sea turtles. It is illegal to harm, harass, or kill them, their hatch-lings, or their eggs.

Some of the hotels and B&B’s in Troncones and the Municipality of Union maintain protected sea turtle hatcheries in an effort to save them. You will see signs in the area announcing “Turtle Release Days” when protected young hatch-lings are released into the sea.

See the video about this wonderful conservation program:

Discover the natural beauty of Troncones Beach!  Plan to spend some vacation time in this wonderful paradise along the Pacific.


Source:  La Conexión 2013 Troncones Guide & Directory

The writers lived in Troncones for five (5) years.

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