Deal with Established Professionals When Handling Legal Matters in Mexico

When working with professionals in Mexico it is always advised to make sure that you are dealing with people of integrity. Since Mexico has a strong informal economy, which is the main source of income for most of the Mexican people, it has allowed for non-legitimate professionals to practice without detection. This sort of problem can be found worldwide; however it is best to be hyper vigilante when seeking out professional services in a new or foreign area. In today’s modern age of technology a diploma can be printed within a matter of minutes. Having this document on the wall does not always mean that you are in good hands.

You’ve found your dream vacation or retirement home on the beach in Mexico – but now, there’s the process of buying it. Everything is in Spanish. You don’t know the customs or laws. Like any foreigner in any foreign place, you are vulnerable.

This is why it is recommend utilizing known individuals, in established locations, to seek out references, and to get letters of recommendation. It is best to know if the professional that you are seeking can be trusted; your gut feeling does not always mean that the person will have your best interest in mind. A reputable professional should not need to sell you on a potential solution to your matter at hand; they should have proof that they have already handled what you are asking them to do with positive results.

Many professionals may be offended by being scrutinized by so many questions, if they have nothing to hide these minor obstacles should not be too difficult to provide in exchange for a new client.

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At Notary #3 owned and operated by Lic. Saluo Cabrera Barrientos, a high standard of integrity is of most importance. With over twenty years of conducting property transactions, forming trust (fideicomiso), corporations, power of attorney, last will and testament, along with and conducting a variety of other services in Zihuatanejo, the reputation of this individual is well known to be one of the best when conducting business with the local population and with non nationals.

Should you been in need of legal assistance or in need of legal consult, Lic. Douglas Hudson serves as Lic. Saluo Cabrera Barrientos’s liaison and is the head attorney for non-Spanish speakers who wish to utilize Notary #3. Lic. Douglas Hudson has been trusted in this position by Lic. Saluo Cabrera Barrientos for the past six years and also comes with a high degree of recommendation from the local expat community who has utilized his services. For more information please contact Lic. Douglas Hudson directly at 

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