Culinary Institute in Zihuatanejo Trains the Next Top Chefs

Wonderful food! That’s one thing that makes Ixtapa Zihuatanejo a world-class destination.

Bravo to the “Top Chefs” of Zihuatanejo! Their culinary creations help to spread the culture of Mexico around the world. And now many of these wonderful chefs are being trained right in Zihuatanejo.

Every day aspiring chefs are lined up in their white uniforms at Centro Integral de Gastronomía Zihuatanejo to take culinary courses. Classes are open to residents fifteen years or older who have at least an elementary school diploma.


The institute offers a fifteen-month course in chef career training, along with three-month courses in each of five international cuisines: French, Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean and Oriental, and of course, Mexican. UNESCO has recognized Mexican cuisine as part the world’s global cultural heritage (UNESCO Culture Sector – Intangible Heritage). Zihuatanejo Cooking School

Instruction for each international cuisine includes:

  • History of the country
  • Introduction to the cuisine of that country
  • Contemporary chefs and current trends
  • Technical basics and specialized preparation of the cuisine
  • Pastries
  • Wines to complement the cuisine
  • Beverages and cocktails

Cooking School of Zihua -5

The Centro Integral de Gastronomía Zihuatanejo culinary school currently has ninety-eight people enrolled in courses. For residents like Lidia Morales, who works at a local resort, the local culinary institute provided the opportunity for career advancement. “I’ve always been a cook. I’ve always worked in a kitchen. But now, I’m professionally trained. Now I am a well-trained chef!”

Lidia Morales in Chef uniform“Now, I am a well-trained chef!” says Lidia Morales who lives in Coacoyul, a small town near Zihuatanejo.

The culinary school in Zihuatanejo is operated by Grupo CEDVA which has training centers throughout central and southern Mexico and offers academic degrees in fields such as tourism, nursing, and communications, as well as vocational training in hair and beauty, auto mechanics, and the culinary school.


Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is full of talented and aspiring culinary professionals and, with the help Centro Integral de Gastronomía Zihuatanejo, residents and tourists of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo will continue to enjoy delicious food for years to come.

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