Catalina Beach Resort Celebrates 60 Years on La Ropa Beach in Zihuatanejo

La Ropa Beach on the Zihuatanejo Bay in México is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  La Ropa Beach received Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Award for 2013.  A landmark on La Ropa Beach, and the first hotel built on the shoreline, is Catalina Beach Resort, now celebrating 60 years of operation.  Catalina Beach Resort (formerly Hotel Catalina) is part of the rich history of Zihuatanejo.

The hotel, built in 1952 by Alfonso Galindo Navarro, is nestled between lush tropical plants on a dramatic cliffside overlooking the Zihuatanejo Bay.  The grounds are “alive” with tropical plants, birds and all types of animals and wildlife.  The hotel has been a prominent feature on La Ropa Beach for six decades.

Catalina facilities

Catalina facilities-2

In 1956, Mr. Carlos Breuer and a group of investors purchased the Hotel Catalina from the Galindo family.  By 1973, Mr. Breuer had purchased sole interest in the hotel and he and his new bride, Eva Bergtold, began building and expanding the facility.  Carlos passed away in 2002, leaving sole ownership of the hotel to Eva who continues to run it with unwavering devotion.

Eva BergtoldSeñora Eva Bergtold is the owner of Catalina Beach Resort

Catalina Beach Resort, with its plush environment and ocean view, has been host to many national and international artists, movie stars, writers, aristocrats and diplomats including Lauren Hutton, John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Liz Taylor, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones and others.  All have requested the warm and gentle privacy that have long been the heart and spirit of Catalina Beach Resort.

The Rooms – Each With a Magnificent View of the Zihuatanejo Bay

Catalina Beach Resort, located on two (2) hectares of plush tropical land, has 46 rooms, each with a magnificent view of the Zihuatanejo Bay.  You can immerse in nature!  The hotel is surrounded by incredible fauna with topical birds, butterflies and wildlife.  Each room has a hammock for quiet beachside relaxation.

 Catalina View


The Restaurant is Open to the Public

Catalina Beach Resort has a wonderful restaurant on-site that also provides beachside service for hotel guests.   The restaurant is open to the public and has a delightful menu of seafood, traditional Mexican cuisine and international dishes.  Click to download the menu: Catalina Beach Resort Restaurant Menu

Catalina Restaurant

For reservations, visit: ; email:; or dial direct from the USA and Canada: 011-52-755-554-9321.

From its very inception to this present day, Catalina Beach Resort on La Ropa Beach in Zihuatanejo has been an unrivaled treasure of truly intimate and unspoiled seclusion.

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