Birds Do It; Bees Do It . . . Dolphins Like Sex Too!

By: The Editors

Dophins kissingOur objective was to visit Delfiniti Ixtapa, to observe and report on the care of our local dolphins that live there.  As investigative reporters we innocently asked the question, “What are you doing?” as we approached the marine caretakers gently “massaging” the dolphins as they lie on their backs.

“We’re masturbating the males,” they replied in Spanish.  Shocked and assuming that we erred in our language translation, we replied, “What did you say?”

With a chuckle the caretaker confirmed, “We masturbate the male dolphins before the show.  If they get horny during the performance, they’ll stop the show and take off after a female.”

Well, that is an aspect of dolphin care that we didn’t expect!  Needless to say, it stopped our show!

After several laughs and jokes with the caretakers –“Do you tell people what you do for a living?” — we got down to serious conversation about dolphin sexuality.  Dolphins like sex just like humans do.  And, if aroused and stimulated, the dolphin males will aggressively pursue the dolphin females for sex (just like male humans!).  That is why the marine caretakers gently “massage” (this is a family magazine) the males before each show.

Dolphins like sex.  The females do not go into heat before sex; the partners engage in the activity for pure enjoyment.  When dolphins do mate, the gestation period for females is about 11 – 12 months.  After giving birth, the female dolphins and their calves are kept separate from the males until the calf matures, because the males might intentionally or unintentionally hurt the calves when trying to mate with the females.

So, we encourage tourists and residents of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo to experience the joy of swimming with the dolphins at Delfiniti Ixtapa, knowing that every aspect of their care –absolutely every aspect! –is meticulously and gently “handled.”

And, we’re still teasing the dolphin caretakers – “In the morning, I start my day by…”


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