Barra de Potosi – The “Last Best Beach” in the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Area

By: Barbara Erickson.

If you are vacationing in Zihuatanejo or Ixtapa we invite you to stray just 20 minutes off the beaten path to discover authentic Mexico in all its glory; Barra de Potosi – the “Last Best Beach.” Barra de Potosi is a tiny, marginal fishing village on Playa Blanca Beach. Located to the south on Highway 200, it’s the “Last Best Beach” or southern-most beach in the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area. The village is a short drive or bus ride away.

Barra de Potosi is best known for its tranquil lagoon, a favorite for swimmers, surfers or nature watchers. The beachfront is lined with small restaurants, “enramadas” that serve marvelous freshly-caught sea food along with traditional Mexican dishes. With hammocks, authentic Mexican food and a natural ocean environment, you can enjoy a wonderful day on the “Last Best Beach” of Barra de Potosi.

Barra de Potosi

Barra de Potosi is best known for its tranquil lagoon, perfect for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and great seafood!  Photo by:

The village is comprised of some 375 souls who reside in this small community with only three unpaved streets. The villagers compete for the same few niches for their livelihoods: fishing, beachside restaurants, and tourism.

Tourism means everything to the economic development and livelihood of this community. The entire village has worked extremely hard to prepare for tourists and visitors. Many women in the village formed a co-op group to make arts and crafts to sell and augment their families’ incomes.  They made this video to show you!

Truth is that the people of Barra de Potosi have suffered through very difficult times recently.  In September 2013, Hurricane Manuel hit the area taking all the sand from the beachfront. Many of the local restaurants lost their chairs and seating areas. Adding to the damage, the storm happened just before the normally busy Christmas season. With no sand and beachfront, plus no seating areas, the local restaurants could not benefit from the tourism season, thus suffering even greater financial losses. Pesos are few and hard to come by for everyone in this authentic little Mexican town.

But, the weather is perfect now, the sand on the beach is back, the restaurants are open to serve you, and there are wonderful hand-made art and crafts to buy! The people are quintessentially Mexican; their open friendliness and general acceptance infuse life in Barra de Potosi with a timelessness that Mexican friends call “noble,” meaning perhaps – people of their place.

So, ask your favorite taxi driver, grab a bus, commandeer a friend, and come to enjoy the amiable and hardworking people of a village near you!  It’s an opportunity to have fun and to help support a recovering town.  Your visit will provide more than you can imagine!

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