Alberto’s Jewelry in Zihuatanejo – A Family Tradition in Artistry

By: Carlos Ballesteros, “Third Generation Owner”.

Editor’s Note: We are proud to feature one of Zihuatanejo’s finest business establishments, Alberto’s Jewelry, located downtown across from the cinema. 

Alberto’s has been a tradition in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo for over 30 years, offering the finest silver and gold creations. Rather than writing the story, we asked Carlos, a grandson of the founder, to write,in English, about his family and their business. His mother, Mercedes, said that she paid “good money” for Carlos to learn business and languages at the university, and she’s so proud of him!

Albertos in Zihuatanejo

Alberto’s Jewelry is located in downtown Zihuatanejo across from the cinema.

The history about “ALBERTO’S” can be found in our web site:, but here is a little brief about us and our business.

My grandfather started in Puerto Vallarta in 1970 with my father MARIO ALBERTO BALLESTEROS. But, let me tell you that only two sons of my grandpa learned how to design jewelry.

All the pieces at ALBERTO’S are handmade, making them exclusive because they are made only one time.  They are not like other types of pieces that are made by machines as a result of mass production.  Each piece depends on the inspiration of the artist and every artist has his own style of design.  You can see my father working in our shop in Zihuatanejo, creating fine jewelry of silver and precious stone.

Sr. Alberto

Mario Alberto Ballesteros (second generation designer) is often seen working in his store in Zihuatanejo, designing custom pieces.

Another important thing in designing is how the artist feels when he is doing it.  I mean the feelings are important to create the jewelry.

After Puerto Vallarta, my grandfather moved to Zihuatanejo in 1977.  Some of his sons and daughters moved to Cabo, Cancun and Cozumel Island.  He went back to Puerto Vallarta with his son Jaime to reopen another store.  In 2001, we opened ALBERTO’S in Cozumel, first managed by my grandpa’s daughter.  Today I, Carlos Ballesteros, manage the business on the island.

As you can see in ALBERTO´S we are distinguished by having unique and exclusive designs.  We have the merchandise that people demand.

Albetos Jewelry

If you have any other questions please let me know.  And, if I have any mistakes with my writing, I apologize.  I haven’t written in English since college.

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