Good News and Information about Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, México

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Hurricane season in the tropics is from May 15th to November 30th. It is important to be informed about what to do before, during and after a hurricane. Take these steps to protect your life and your family! 1 Before a hurricane: Talk to your family and friends to organize a civil...
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Mexican Recipes
The Health Department of Zihuatanejo recently reported that 80% of the population in Zihuatanejo is overweight or obese! And, even more troubling is that 60% of all children, and 3 out of 10 elementary school children are also overweight. The problem is very grave for youth around 15 years.1 The cause? Eating...
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Special Events
Events in July in paradise are light, bright, and family focused. The time of the Canicula (a usually three week period of sunny skies in the midst of the rainy season) is a quiet time with few tourists. Communities are turning attention to preparing for the end of school terms and the beginning of...
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The Maya culture of Mexico and Central America (250-900 CE) can be described as one of high prosperity and power in ancient Mesoamerica. This age was a time of intense urbanization, construction, and agricultural advancement. The Mayans created a hieroglyphic writing system and sophisticated calendars. The Mayans have performed music for...
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